Our Mission. To improve communities by improving the health of all women.

Our Method. Change how the world looks at “early detection” and basic breast cancer screening.

To live up to the idea of “early detection saves lives” the dynamic of early detection must be changed.

Our Goal: Healthy Women and a Healthy World

50,000 women scanned by 2025



The iBreastExam is an electro-mechanical hand-held breast palpation device that uses piezoelectric tactile sensor invented at Drexel University. The patented ceramic sensor can assess the differences in tissue elasticity from the surface of the breast, non-invasively by creating micro-palpations that are driven from within the sensor. Using direct/reverse piezoelectric effects, the piezoelectric sensor array enables “electronic palpation”, from within the sensor and independent of the community health worker. And hence, in real-time, the sensor can assess the changes in the elastic modulus between normal breast tissue and abnormal masses that are stiffer.

Screening mammograms in the USA have shown sensitivity as low as 54% to detect invasive breast cancer, especially if the women are young and have dense breasts.


The Global Breast Care Initiative strives to combine knowledge compassion, resources and technology to better the lives of girls and women around the world.


“A Clinical study by Broach et al reported iBreastExam sensitivity of 86% and specificity of 89% to detect breast masses as compared to standard of care imaging tests such as mammography and breast ultrasound. A Study by Somashekhar et al reported sensitivity of 85% and specificity of 93% to detect breast lesions in a double-blind study. ” — Rohan Khandelwal, MD , Breast Onco-surgeon, W Pratiksha Hospital, India

We are fortunate in our most recent partnership with UESciences and the iBreastExam hand-held digital breast exam device. This partnership allows GBCI to utilize the very latest in breast health technology, portability, safety, and low cost to allow women of all ages and resources access to breast health services.

iBreastExam has reported comparable performance characteristics to the standard of care imaging vs. screening mammography.

Rohan Khandelwal, MD , Breast Onco-surgeon, W Pratiksha Hospital, India

ultra-portable & radiation-free

FDA & CE Approved,radiation free, an iBE handheld unit is an option for all women including those with dense breast tissue. This new technology strives to overcome several of the fundamental barriers seen with current mammography screening including cost, psychosocial, logistical and cultural issues.