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The Global Initiative believes that by combining world resources, education, compassion and cutting edge technology, it is possible to identify the many areas of need required to improve the health and opportunities of women of all ages.

To live up to the idea of “early detection saves lives” the dynamic of early detection must be changed.


Breast Cancer is the #2 cancer in the world.

The Global Breast Care Initiative, a division of the Global Initiative,  was founded in 2015 in an effort to change our approach to breast cancer detection. Recent advances in breast scanning technology have the potential to significantly reduce breast cancer-related disparities for minorities and the medically underserved all over the world. These advances have also raised the issue that  the ongoing concerns associated with mammography breast screen which include in the developed world point of access, financial burden, psychosocial issues, frequently changing international screening guidelines, medical concerns with over diagnosis and treatment and fear and radiation are not as different from the developing counterparts -  the reasons breast cancer is still the number 2 killing worldwide may just be more complicated that mammogram access.

When breast cancer is detected early the 5-year survival rate is 90%.


Yet for those women in rural or hard to reach places or who do not have reliable transportation, reaching basic breast health events can be difficult to impossible.

The result?

A higher percentage of women in rural areas are diagnosed at later stages.