global breast care initiative

global breast care initiative

Healthy Women, Healthy World!

Healthy Women, Healthy World!

We believe that Every WOMAN everywhere deserves a healthy life! A World Epidemic, Breast Cancer now represents the most common female malignancy in both the developing and developed world and is the primary cause of...
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OUR MISSION Healthy Women and a Healthy World OUR METHOD Change how the world looks at “early detection” and basic breast cancer screening. To live up to the idea of “early detection saves lives” the...
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Follow our Journey

The Global Breast Care Initiative, a division of the Global Initiative,  was founded in 2015 in an effort to change our approach to breast cancer detection. Recent advances in breast scanning technology have the potential...
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Breast Prosthesis Project

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Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women, worldwide.

The World Health Organization supports screening as critical for early detection.  But mammography is not always an option in low resource environments. 

Even in developed countries, many women go without breast scanning and health services. With the assistance of new technology, the Global Breast Care Initiative partners with local resources and organizations to provide low cost and free breast health services.

Healthy Women, Healthy World


Our Primary Focus is High-risk, Rural and Under-served areas or populations. We also provided scanning events to employers, health fairs, organizations, and events We ask all interested in partnering with the Global Breast Care Initiative, please contact us directly.


Sliding Scale up to $20.

We ask that those women who can afford any portion of the cost of the scan contribute-whether that is 20 cents or 2o dollars. But, we will never ask anyone who can not afford the scan to pay or provide income verification.


These scans are radiation-free allowing scans at younger ages and for women with denser breast tissue. All women over 21 years qualify for access to a digital breast exam.